The Talbot Laboratory

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Graduate Students

Neil Brahma, Materials Science & Engineering, Agglomeration of CMP Slurry Nanoparticles and Modeling of CMP

Jonathan Tao, Materials Science & Engineering, Synthesis of Nitrides Alloys for Solid State Lighting

Undergraduate Researchers

Sana Sirajuddin, Chemical Engineering, Impinging Jet Electrodeposition with Nanoparticles

Post Graduate Researchers

Michielle Hurt, Ph.D.,  2006 - 2007, Protein Paterring Using Tackydot® Polymer

Daniel Ye, Ph.D., 2003- 2006, Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructures

Shengcheng Luo, Ph.D., 1998-2000, Electrophoretic Deposition of Phosphors

Former Graduate Students

Robin Ihnfeldt, Ph. D., 2008, M.S., Chemical Engineering, 2005, Colloidal Properties of Alumina Abrasive for Copper Chemical Mechanical Planarization

Wendi Sweet, M.S., Chemical Engineering, 2006, Investigation of Electrocodeposition Using an Impinging Jet Electrode

Steve Osborne, Ph.D., Materials Science, 2006, Electrocodeposition of Nanoparticle Composite Films Using an Impinging Jet Electrode

Michielle Hurt, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, 2006, Applications od DuPont's Photopolymer Cromalin For Dry Deposition of Particles

Jaesung Lee, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2005, Simulation of Electrocodeposition

Tanuja Gopal, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2004, Colloidal Aspects of Chemical Mechanical Polishing

Jason Swei, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2004, "Development of High-Definintion Photoresists for CRTs"

Adam Stolen, M.S., Chemical Engineeerng, 2002, "Nickel-Titania Films Electrocodeposited Using a Rotating Cylindrical Electrode"

Hung V. Trinh, M.S., Materials Science, 2002, "An Electrodeposition Method for Terminals of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors"

David Wang, M.S., Chemical Engineeerng, 2001, "Gradient Copper-Alumina Films Electrocodeposited Using a Rotating Cylindrical Electrode"

Yohan Choi, M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1999, "Electrophoretic Deposition of Phosphor in a Thermoreversible Gel"

Caroline Ahlers, M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1998, "Electrophoretic Deposition of Zeolites"

Benjamin Russ, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1997, "Adhesion Studies of Electrophoretically Deposited Phosphor Films"

Jean L. Stojak, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1997, "Analysis of the Electrocodeposition of Composite Films"

Dave Chang, M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1996, "An Electrophoretic Process for Screening Phosphor Powders for Color Displays"

Curt Jackson, M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1996, "Characterization of Fine Particulate Aluminum-Manganese Produced via Spark Erosion"

Keith Sasaki, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1996, "Mechanistic Studies of the Electrodeposition of Iron-Group Metals and Alloys"

Mike Shane, Ph.D., Materials Science, 1994, "Analysis of the Electrophoretic Deposition of Phosphor"

Wendy (Coulson) Grande, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1991, "The Electrodeposition of Thin Films of Nickel-Iron"

Dave Hazlebeck, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 1989, "Modeling of Through-Hole Electroplating"

Jean (Siracuse) Lopez, M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1989, "Fundamental Study of the Cataphoretic Deposition of Phosphor"

Denish Gangasingh, M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1988, "Mechanism of Electrodeposition of Permalloy Thin Films"


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